The Lord’s leading – intro

This is my first attempt at posting from my iPhone. I am not as fast at typing, so this will be a shorter piece.

I have been enjoying for my devotionals
a small book by C.W. Slemming entitled “Made According to Pattern”. It is an old book (in the preface, he recalls a preaching engagement in 1928) written on the subject of the tabernacle. Each chapter draws lessons and insights from it’s construction; the materials used and their particular arrangement. I have not studied the tabernacle before, and with each chapter of this book, the thought of doing so grows increasingly enticing. Each chapter is only around five pages long, yet in those few pages are so many awesome truths touched on I can barely keep myself to one chapter per day.

A recent chapter dealt with the pillar of cloud and fire which guided the Israelites for a time and then later took up residence over the ark of the covenant. This chapter in particular jumped out to me. Having been reflecting of the subject of waiting, and considering my own time of waiting on the Lord, what a wonder to read of the Israelites being guided by the Lord in such a phenomenal way!

What really caught my attention was the reference to Numbers 9 quoted at the outset of this chapter. What we see there is essentially this: when the pillar moved, the people moved. When the pillar rested, the people rested. Whether it rested for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or even many years, the people waited on the pillar. When it moved, it was often at a moments notice, sometimes at night no doubt, yet the people hesitated not to follow.

What an amazing parallel! What a picture the Lord has given us of his leading!

I will expand on this further tomorrow, Lord willing. I am afraid i have grown too excited to keep this post short; I now I know this short post will actually be a short introduction to a longer post which will be written from a laptop that features a proper keyboard. Thumbs are good for hitchhiking, not so good for efficient typing!

Blessings! Good Night!


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