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The Irony of Waiting

I ended my last post with the statement “I’ll just have to wait and see.” As I typed those words, I realized what my next post would be about.

The word “waiting” often invokes thoughts of idleness, boredom, inactivity for people. I think it is safe to say that waiting is perceived as being a static word. So it is both interesting and ironic to me that this “waiting” stage of life is keeping me busier, I think, than I have ever been before.

I am in my second year of marriage. I have not yet been a parent for half a year, and I am barely past the halfway mark of my first year of teaching. I am blessed to lead a worship team and have the honor of mentoring three young men in the faith. My wife and I are on the board of directors for a Christian camp in the area, and I coach and coordinate the basketball teams for our school. (I’m up at 6:30 on my Saturday off to go to a basketball tournament!)

Wait? When?! I hardly feel like there is time to catch my breath, let alone wait for anything.

There are several ironies in the Christian faith; The “now” but “not yet” kingdom of God in the church age; the “resting” in Christ that produces “works” of righteousness, and let us not forget Jesus, the God-man. That’s a good one!

I think waiting and busyness fall into this category as well. In reference to the Lord’s second coming in Matthew 24, Christians are referred to as servants whose master has left on a journey; those who are truly awaiting their masters return will be found about the masters business upon his arrival. Waiting? Yes. Busy? YES.

While it is an irony that is easier to reconcile than the others above, it is interesting nonetheless to consider that waiting on the Lord may not always be a matter of stillness, but that of faithfully attending to present responsibilities and obligations.

This is the pattern by which I wait on the Lord; may my endeavors be acceptable and pleasing unto him!



Why am I waiting on God’s call? And what exactly do I mean by “God’s call”? I’ll answer the second question first and the first one second.

The call I am waiting for is a call to ministry.

I began my professional teaching career this past September at Penson School in Grovedale, teaching Jr. High social studies, P.E., Health, and some option courses. It was not too long at all before I became acutely aware of a strong desire within me to leave teaching and make the edification of Christians my life’s primary concern. I imagine it taking one of (or some combination of) three things;  teaching, preaching, and/or music; all of which I am very passionate about.

While these desires are a most welcome evidence of God’s saving grace at work in me, they also caused me some grief initially. Here the Lord so graciously provides for my new wife and my new son in our new house with this job, and I start it only to find myself desperately wanting something different. It was in November when I first started talking with Bev about going to seminary the following year, and by Christmas I had even picked which seminary I would apply to and how we would get by financially. I wanted it pretty bad.

And I still do! But I have dropped my plans for attending seminary next September, and the next, and the next. I am committing that to the Lord.

What has kept me from going forward has been a deep mistrust of self. Very deep. I learned a few years back that my heart was nothing worth following and the last thing I should trust; it is an idolator of the worst order. I am an I idolator of the worst order. And so when students give me attitude, or when I am fatigued, or when I am begrudging the effort that my job requires of me, my heart starts to wander to thoughts of seminary and preaching and evangelizing. All good things, absolutely; but are my desires pure? I have never been able to say yes.

The second reason is an equally deep conviction that the FIRST thing necessary for success in any Christian ministry is to be called to it. If the omniscient God, in his perfect wisdom has chosen a particular individual for a particular task, then be assured that he is the man for the job; he and none other. For God is able to do all things; in his omnipotence he shall see his appointed man through whatever obstacles may arise and provide anything the task may require of him. In contrast, a man who enters into a matter without being certain (or worse, having no clue at all) whether God has actually chosen him for that task will  find himself working apart, if not even against the will of God. In these cases, failure is the greatest grace one can receive; for to successfully work either against or apart from God is a dreadful thing.

You see now why I am still a Jr. High teacher. And why I have dropped all plans to attend seminary. It is because I have not been called.

Not yet anyway. I’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


Hello everyone, thanks for popping by my blog! I intend this to be a sort of journal for my walk with the Lord, and while I am sure there will be much content here that pertains to the Christian faith in general, my primary aim here is to reflect and refocus on God’s purposes for my life in this time of waiting.

What exactly am I waiting for?


God’s call.


I know it will come.

I know it will come at the right time.

But I have no idea when that time is.

So until then, I am…


Kaleb Waiting




Come back tomorrow for a slightly more in depth explanation.